Friday, July 25, 2008

Topps Triple Threads Rip Party

I have to be honest, some of these cards do look very nice and all, but the 31-piece Jackie Robinson card at 1:49 makes me sick. You can read why here.

I also have to say that this is the first Rip Party video I have watched, and I was quite disappointed with professionalism in this video. Rachel, the rip girl, always had some corny interjection after every great pull.

Oh and why does a little kid get the thrill of opening Triple Threads for Topps? Where was my call?


capewood said...

I haven't watched one of these videos before, and I think I won't watch one again. I only got about 2 minutes into it, before they actually started opening the box, and I had enough.

I thought the screaming guy in the beginning who was stroking the big bat while talking to the rip girl was seriously creepy.

Samuel Tan said...

The people that open boxes at the rip party actually have to pay for the boxes.