Thursday, July 10, 2008

Card of the Day: 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes Autographs Brett Favre Redemption

As high as I was about 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes the other day, I have recently discovered something that will make a lot of collectors take this product down a notch or two: autograph redemption cards for many veteran stars.

I never saw this is any product preview I read or any product information I read. Of course, it is expected as every card in the set is signed on-card.

We all know the history of Upper Deck's redemption program. And if you don't, just go to Google's Blogsearch and search "Upper Deck redemption" which should bring in some results for you.

Without having any experience with Upper Deck's redemption program, I can't really how I feel about it. I have heard horror stories and I have heard positive stories. This goes with every company that has produced redemption cards.

And to all those collector's who complain about redemption cards, let me pose this question: If the product came out with all stickers autographs, you would've complained about that, but when you get a redemption for an on-card signature, you still complain. Where do draw the line between stickers and redemption cards? Would you rather have a product that says it will have all these autographs only to realize that there are no Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady autographs because they didn't arrive in time?

I would have to think the answer is that you would rather have a redemption card and the hope that you will get the card you are promised of the big name star rather than only having the chance at pulling mediocre players.

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