Saturday, July 19, 2008

Card of the Day: 2008 Topps Dynasties Emmitt Smith

One of the most unique aspects of 2008 Topps football is the new dynasties insert set which focuses on four different teams in NFL history.

The four dynasty teams of the last four decades, 1970s Steelers, 1980s 49ers, 1990s Cowboys and 2000s Patriots, are represented in the 50 card insert set. However, I think that Topps should take the extra step and produce and entire line dedicated to the dynasties of the past.

The set would repeat many of the players found in the insert, but it would then include lesser players, coaches and dynasty teams that date before the Super Bowl. Perhaps, a future dynasty set could be thought up and feature several young players who form the core of a current team.

There would be an insert representing each Super Bowl/Championship Game of each dynasty team as well as relics and autographs of the stars of the teams, much like what was done for the insert set.

I'm sure Topps would put in their own ideas, but what else do you think would be fitting to include in a set like this?

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