Monday, July 21, 2008

Poll Archives: Of recent hobby innovations, which is your favorite?

Poll question: Of recent hobby innovations, which is your favorite?

Certified Autographs

7 (25%)

Cut Signatutres

6 (21%)

Game-Worn Relics

4 (14%)

Game-Worn Patches

4 (14%)

Manufactured Patches

0 (0%)

DNA Relics

2 (7%)


3 (10%)


2 (7%)

Votes so far: 28


This poll surprised me just a bit. While I knew certified autographs would be one of the top vote getters, I thought for sure that Cut Signatures would be the top dawg considering it allows the younger generation to get autographs of the legends of the game. Basically, I figured Cut Signatures and Certified Autographs would be switched.

One thing that wasn't a surprise was that Manufactured Patches received zero votes. I don't know much about these cards other than that many collectors dislike them, you can fraud an unsuspecting collector easily with them and I don't have any.

As for the other category, I would love it if the two people who voted would leave a comment sharing what their "other" is.


Anonymous said...

Cut sigs are just so hard to get. you have to buy some $100 box with a %20 chance of get a cut sig. I am 12 and paying $100 of 5 cards is not affordable.

Andrew Harner said...

I am 20 and paying $100 for five cards is not affordable.

Anonymous said...

Are you making fun of me?

Andrew Harner said...

Absolutely not. I am 100% agreeing with the point you made.

Anonymous said...