Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Remember when...

...everyone freaked out about Jon Lester in May? For those who have forgotten, here is a refresher.

How times have changed. Just as I expected (not that it was difficult), Lester's popularity among collectors has dwindled down to a normal level. He still has more listings on eBay than he did before his no-hitter with 199 compared to less than 100, however, the only cards/items that are selling for a significant amount are autographs. This is no surprise as autographs of any player at any time are their most popular cards (unless they have some super rare rookie or error card).

Lester autograph cards are selling anywhere between $20 and $40 depending on which card it is. Jersey cards are going for about $5 while his 2002 Upper Deck Prospect premieres XRC is going in the $2-$5 range.

There are still some items selling for curious amounts. A 2006 Upper Deck base card sold for $2.50 and a 2006 Topps Update Gold card sold for $6 despite one selling for $1.26 just five days earlier. It's interesting to note that there have only been 494 Lester items listed in the past 30 days which goes back to about 15 days after Lester's no-hitter.

Take this as a lesson learned if you made the mistake of buying up Lester following his no-hitter: wait about a month and you can find yourselves some normal prices again.

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