Friday, July 11, 2008

A Trial Run in Baseball Boss

After reading about a new online game that combines baseball card collecting and fantasy baseball, I had to check it out.

From what I could gather, the idea is to make a fantasy team from packs of cards you buy. Cards cam come from two different brands: National and Spire. And they even echo traditional baseball card lore by adding in price differences and quality differences in the cards. National cards are the cheaper of the two brands, degrade faster and add more salary to your team. Spire, on the other hand, cost more, are higher quality, degrade twice as slowly and add 20% as much salary to your team as National cards. Spire also is the only place to find rare Tier 6 and Tier 7 cards.

Surprisingly, the cards are actually designed very well. I will show all four designs below so you can judge for yourself.

1907 National Tris Speaker

2007 National Carlos Zambrano

1907 Spire Ty Cobb

2007 Spire Pat Burrell

You initially start off receiving one pack of cards, and if your pack is anything like mine, you might have some trouble getting started. Of the 40 cards I received, the best card was a 2007 National Reggie Willits Tier 3 and a 1907 National Roy C. Thomas Tier 3. Outside of that, I got common players. The problem is that it is hard to earn the tickets you need to buy more cards while maintaining a good record. Proof of this is my 567 tickets and 41-64 record.

Of course, you have no clue how good 567 tickets is unless you play the game. A pack of either 1907 or 2007 Spire cards costs 200 tickets plus four challenge coins. I traded 400 tickets for one challenge coin so in essence, one pack costs about 1,000 tickets. You earn tickets by playing teams and meeting milestone, which become difficult on about the tenth one or so. You can also gain cards through auctions and trading, but I haven't really looked into those two entities of the site too much yet.

Another feature is League play. I don't really know anything about it other than I joined a league that starts in 40 minutes so I guess I will soon find out what I am in for. And for the sake of the site, I hope league play is good enough to entice me to keep playing.

I have only dabbled on the site for about an hour max but my initial feeling is that this game would be fun if you were 12. You have no control over the outcome of the except for setting your line-up from the limited number of cards you start with. A lot of time, the games end with 20+ hits and 15+ runs which I find very unrealistic which is a small turn-off for me.

For now, I am going to assume that I'm not a fan of the game because I have a limited number of cards and no legitimate superstars. I'm giving it a couple more days before I decide if I want to continue playing or not. I'm not sure if it is possible or not, but I have also thought about trying to get enough teams to where I can collect every single digital card, but I think that would be too time consuming.

If you join up, come find me. My team is the Bowling Green Vipers, and this is what my owner card looks like:


Captain Canuck said...

signed up and sent you a message... my team sucks, but what the heck.

Andrew Harner said...

Hey I got your message but I am fed up with the game already so I'm doubting I'll be on too much anymore.

William Noetling said...

and found that I liked their other game DUELS better.

HOWEVER, I also found a way to get 50 challenge coins for practically nothing.

Sign up for Duels - it's pretty easy. Your challenge coins will transfer over. Then click on the "purchase more challenge coins" - you'll see an option for 50 free coins, click it - it's an offer for ZOOMINFO, where you have to do a trial offer and then you get free coins. Here's the thing, one of the trials is a survey company - no credit card required. CLick on the survey, fill out their info, and you get 50 free coins.

I used several of mine to get the expensive packs and I pulled a Vlad Guerrero (My FAVORITE Player).

BTW - I'm Kaylee's Knights.