Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Riding on the Trade-A-Whirl

Around this time every year, the baseball season hits its dry spell as the excitement for the All-Star Game has worn off and it's too early to accurately predict who will be there in October. With football in training camp and basketball in its summer league, sports fans need something around this time to keep them occupied.

Their answer is the MLB trading deadline.

Seemingly every hour, a new rumor surfaces or a trade is done. And with those trades and rumors comes new fans of certain players.

Since yesterday's announcement that Mark Teixeira was dealt to the Angels, his eBay listings doubled. While many of the new listings are 2002 and 2003 cards being advertised as rookie cards, Big Tex's autographs and true rookies are picking up steam with his move to a strong playoff contender.

Today, Ivan Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees. While this deal is just a few hours old, several new listings on eBay for rookies and autographs have appeared with "Yankees" in the listing title. The other half of that trade, Kyle Farnsworth, didn't have much of a following before the trade and doesn't seem to be getting too much more attention now with just one new listing for an autographed baseball that includes "Detroit Tigers" in the title.

Manny Ramirez's name has been talked about quite a bit lately, but it doesn't seem to have too much effect on his cards. His 1,200 listings are relatively normal for a player of his status. But, if he is traded, chances are his cards will temporarily start to sell for more than normal.

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