Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Won't Disappoint

As the reigning product of the year for two years now, Topps Allen & Ginter is the one product anticipated by many serious baseball card collectors, myself included. While I don't plan on going out and buying a box, I do plan on building the base set through trading and buying. I am also very interested in the mini autographs and relics.

This isn't the first set that has included these mini framed autographs and jerseys. I got my first one of Todd Helton way back from Topps 206. What they do with the jerseys is they produce a mini card with a jersey swatch in it and place that inside a colored border of some kind, making for a unique looking card.

I've never really looked for these too much in the past, but I think I may try to get a head start on this year's assuming I can find them for reasonable prices. I will probably have a regular feature chronically my quest to complete the set on here (like the Topps Football Dynasties feature I will be posting later on today).

While the product isn't scheduled for release until Wednesday, there are already several boxes and cards on eBay included one seller who individually listed just about every veteran base card in the set for $0.49. I still wish there was a way to prevent these people from opening their boxes early and starting to sell the stuff off.

**This is going to be the new format for Card of the Day. I am dropping that title but I still will be doing a post a day regarding a single card like I have done since the beginning. There still be a Card of the Day label for the posts**

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I am also going to try and complete this set and would like to offer myself as possible source for trading.