Monday, July 14, 2008

Josh Hamilton Makes People Crazy

You'll never believe how much this card is bid up to

We all loved his 28 home run performance in the Home Run Derby, but should that really have propelled his eBay items to what it did?

Despite losing in the final round, many collectors put their items up on eBay for bid. Between his record performance and the end of the derby, almost 300 new items were listed.

2003 Topps Hamilton/Crawford sells for $10.50

Two 2000 Topps Hamilton/Myers and a Topps Opening Day Hamilton/Myers sells for $14.75

2001 Stadium Club sells for $28.57

2007 Topps Update bid up to $26.05 at the time of this post

The Sports Illustrated issue from June 2 is selling between $10-$12.

While Hamilton will be a popular seller for the rest of the year, I will be revisiting the cards I featured above in a couple of weeks and show you how the price has dropped (barring Hamilton doing something else crazy by then).

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