Thursday, July 10, 2008

Diminished Capacity

With a little help fromTuff Stuff and a video from Mario at Wax Heaven I have gotten excited over a movie release for the first time in awhile. Of course, the movie came out on July 4, so I am behind the times to start with.

Based on the trailer, this movie looks like it is a good mix of drama, humor and human interest. Cooper (Matthew Broderick), a Chicago journalist (which automatically interests me) who is losing his memory and is sent home from his job to find his old self is the main character in the film. Back home, Cooper's memory loss appears to be put on the back burner a bit and a family reunion with his Alzheimer's suffering Uncle Rollie (Alan Alda) and his past lover Charlotte (Virginia Madsen) takes over.

Uncle Rollie then shows his nephew an old baseball card he has stored away in the attic which I assume is supposed to be a knock-off of the T206 Honus Wagner. The trio, card in hand, take off back to Chicago to sell it to a high class dealer “The Mint-Mint Man” (Bobby Cannavale). However, the dealer, who Alan "Mr. Mint" Rosen believes is a knock-off of him, then buys the card for just $500 which all the characters believe is a steal. Rosen said, “They portray the character as dishonest and that bothers me. I am 100 percent honest. I don’t take advantage of old men like the guy in the movie. I’m a huckster, but I’m also an honest guy.” Rosen called his attorney but appears to have no case on the movie makers.

In the end, it appears they forget about the ordeal and Cooper and Charlotte get back together. So while this movie does look like it may a chick-flick persona about it, I will still be man enough to go watch it because of the themes that relate to me.

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