Monday, June 16, 2008

Two new personal collection additions

I don't normally share with all you good folks cards from my personal collection, but I got two nice patch cards today and figure they were worth a mention here on Cardboard Mania.

The first is a four color Victor Martinez Ultimate Collection America's Pastime Patch numbered to 50 which I received from doniceage on Sports Card Forum in exchange for 2500 CardCash that I earned writing for the site. So in essence, I got this card for a couple hours of my time.

The second is a two color Omar Jacobs Ultimate Collection Rookie Patch also numbered to 50. This gives me 121 different Jacobs cards out of a possible 552. This card has been eluding me on eBay until now as I had been outbid on the card twice before.

Anyone else have a nice mailday today?


Anonymous said...

Do you have a list of your haves/needs for Omar Jacobs? I might be able to help out...and will definitely keep my eyes open.

Andrew Harner said...

You can find a list at my card website:

One of the pages on the sidebar is Omar Jacobs Havelist. I need anything not there.

Thanks a lot