Sunday, June 15, 2008

There still is not a real Kosuke Topps rookie

I'm not trying to discredit Justin Masterson at all. He is having one fine season up in Boston, but why in the world is Topps making him the second Red Hot Rookie Redemption player?

Has Topps not heard of a guy named Kosuke Fukudome, you know, the one who plays for the Cubs not the one who plays for Japan?

I know of several collectors who are waiting for the Fukudome Topps RC to finally appear, even if it does come through this redemption program. But, those people will have to sit on their hands even longer and continue to try and guess which number Fukudome may come at.

I have to admit, I think there is one of two things going on at Topps in regards to this set.

1) They are waiting to Fukudome's autograph on all the redemption cards
2) They are waiting to put Fukudome at number 20 just to get people talking about the set.

Given their recent history, it wouldn't surprise me at all if my second option is the one that works out in the end.

But, if you are holding redemption card number two, you can get yourself a Justin Masterson through

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