Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two big adds to the Omar Jacobs PC

This Omar Jacobs has been eluding me due to price. Did I get this one for just $4? Read on to find out.

Being on a limited college income, it isn't often I get to add high profile cards to my collection. Trying to achieve a complete collection of Omar Jacobs cards becomes difficult at that point.

This is because Jacobs only has rookie cards, and in this day and age, that means autographs, patches and other low numbered parallel cards.

I have been fortunate to get three printing plates, a Triple Threads Sapphire parallel /10, a Triple Threads Red parallel /18, the Topps Rookie Premiere autograph as well as several other patches and autographs /50 or less.

A former collector of Jacobs put up some of his old collection on Collector Planet and I jumped on a few of the cards. He had a lot of 10 for $30, but I didn't need enough to make it worth the entire $30. He then said he would do individual cards for $4 each and my jaw almost dropped when he agreed to sell these two cards for just $8 PayPal.

If you can't tell what these are, they are the following:

1. 2006 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Autographs Spectrum 268 Omar Jacobs $50.00
2. 2006 Finest Refractors 161 Omar Jacobs AU $30.00

I only wish I could all the rest of the high end Jacobs I need for 10% book value.

If you have any Jacobs cards, please do let me know.


Caleb said...

wow, nice purchace, could u get me the guy's email adress? i could probably use some of his stuff

Andrew Harner said...

Hey, you're the guy from SCF ellogovna*123 right? I don't know his e-mail address, but he was on Collector Planet but I can't get that site to work anymore. He only had about 10 Jacobs cards.

If you are looking to buy some Jacobs cards, I am your hook-up as I have almost 125 extras. LMK