Saturday, June 7, 2008

Card of the Day: 2008 SP Legendary Cuts When it was a Game Jerseys Don Mattingly

Despite the product not coming out until June 11, there have been a few single card auctions on eBay for 2008 SP Legendary Cuts baseball.

Legendary Cuts have been a staple in Upper Deck's product arsenal since 2001 and should not disappoint in 2008 as the product has grown in strength and popularity each year it has come out.

With four game-used falling in each box, collectors can expect to get more than a bunch of base cards for the $100+ they will spend on the product.

Memorabilia sets include:

-Legendary Memorabilia (# to 99)
-Legendary Memorabilia Parallel (# to 99 or less)
-Destination Stardom Memorabilia
-Destined for History Memorabilia
-Generations Memorabilia

If you are lucky, you might get one of the boxes from a case that contains the following (each of the are case guarantees):

-Autograph (Two per case)
-Cut Signature (Three per case)
-1/1 Historical Moments (Two per case)

You will get 36 cards in each hobby box so you shouldn't expect to even come close to a complete base set without buy at least a few of these boxes.

The base set is 100 cards, and there also is a 100 card short print section at the end of the set that includes baseball legends and famous figures in US history that are numbered to 550.

The first 100 cards feature the top stars in the MLB.

You can find full information about SP Legendary Cuts at Upper Deck's website.

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