Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Funniest $30,000 You Could Ever Spend

I have discovered something everyone should do. Go to eBay and perform the following:

1. Visit
2. Scroll down to the "Shop your Favorite Categories" in the bottom left corner
3. Click on "Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop"
4. Scroll down until you see "Cards" in bold print in the first column
5. Sort the results by "Price: Highest First"
6. See what outrageous listings you can.

I found this card about five minutes ago and am still laughing at the description. You can own this one of a kind card for just a starting bid of $10,000. But please bid higher so you can meet the reserve and not miss out on this piece of history.

Now the seller wants you to remember, this card is a "classic" with two of the greatest 50 players in NBA history on it.

He also says this:

"This event happened over sixteen years ago you can see the quality of the card very historic in basketball with autograph 5 million without 2 million"

"it's eleven NBA championship rings on this card There are things that happened to both players on and off the court that kept one player from finishing his career while the other kept playing your not getting this card cheap go buy something else"

Seriously? Here is the card in question.

Let me check my common box and see if I don't have like 10 of these. Well, I actually don't own this particular card, but I assure you that someone somewhere owns ten of them. And I'm also sure they will sell this card to you for somewhere in the neighborhood of ten cents.

Can't believe this is real? See if for yourself.

Not to mention his other listing. This is a card I featured before before because it was listed for $2 million.

Keep in mind this is some Michael Jordan foil bordered promo card of some sort from the early 1990s I am assuming. You can probably find it in a dollar box at a card show.

Well, it's back again for just $10,000 this time. But, I suppose it's worth it now because there is a picture of that is right side up, right? Not to mention...

"I know your thinking what make this autograph different from all the rest he's written pay attention people because it'll be years before i put it up for auction again look at the card it is different he took his time and wrote it legible it's not scribble scrabble"

The third and final ridiculous card I found for $10,000 hails from the 1989 Bowman baseball set, and it is not the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card.

Rather, it is the ever-so-popular Tracy Jones.

I can see why the seller may have made this mistake.

"This is my coin in the fishes mouth so to speak for my taxes, so I believe somebody out there may be missing it from their collection, etc. I have never had it appraised, or done any research of any kind to determine value"


Here's a picture for all the good folks out there.

Have a crazy listing I missed? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

How about a graded Peyton Manning card?? It's a 8.5!!

And in his "collage" jersey #16!

Oh, wait a minute, that looks like a Colts #18 he's wearing.

Does it make it more valuable if there is an error in the description?

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it--#16 of 2000.

So if this one is worth $10,000, how much are the other 1999 worth?

Andrew Harner said...

To the best of my knowledge, I would say they are worth $800 ungraded each. But of course, that one is so much more "special" than the rest so it's naturally worth 10K

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I actually have one of those Magic -vs- Jordan cards! I should list it at .99 and when the auction is finished email the seller the link to serve as a reality check.

Andrew Harner said...

Or you could sell yours to the seller for like $200. He'll think he's getting a doozey of a deal.