Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Card of the Day: 1998 Pinnacle Uncut Alex Rodriguez

Anyone remember these giant baseball cards?

This was Pinnacle's version of a gimmick card in 1998, but they released them in a separate set in packs where you could choose the player you were getting.

At 16 by 20 inches large, Pinnacle Uncut is the largest baseball card set ever produced and will probably remain that way for quite awhile because there are very few collectors who would be interested in this type of card today.

The late 90s had all sorts of fun cards like this. Studio 8X10s, Zenith 8X10s, Pinnacle Inside cans, Donruss Preferred Tins, Collector's Choice Mini-Bobble Heads, Pinnacle Mint Coins and more were all sougt after by collectors in that era.

What type of stuff like that do we have today? Well, nothing really. And honestly, how many collectors would care if something like that came out again?

Sadly, that number is low. I am one of them, but is there anyone else out there who is like me?


Anonymous said...

What about Upper Deck Portraits for a recent product?

Andrew Harner said...

That is a good point. However, we all remember how well that set did. There just isn't the demand for this type of stuff anymore.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love 90's stuff and I forgot all about these! I hope you don't stop with these old inserts. I really love these posts.

Andrew Harner said...

If you click on the topic Forgotten Baseball Card Sets of the 90s you will find more posts like this one.