Thursday, June 12, 2008

Card of the Day: 2006 Bowman Sterling Dan Uggla

Last night, Dan Uggla's walk off home run was the clear cut baseball highlight.

After pitching a fantastic game, the Phillies' Cole Hamels could only watch as the bullpen allowed the Marlins to come away with a win.

Uggla is an interesting story because he was a great player as a rookie in 2006 with a .282 batting average and 27 home runs. He trailed off a bit in 2007 hitting just .245 but with 31 homers.

So far this season, Uggla is hitting .298 with 19 home runs so you can expect that he is going to get some hobby notice about the time the All-Star Game comes around.

It isn't too late to start an Uggla collection, but if you plan to start one, you might to get going here pretty soon before Uggla has his breakout year (which could very well be 2008).

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