Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Laugh of the Day: 2008 Upper Deck Justin Maxwell

Most baseball fans have seen The Sandlot, but how many of you knew that the Washington Nationals re-enacted a scene from the movie in 2007?

Thanks to Upper Deck, fans can now be in on the secret that some construction workers witnessed while building Nationals Park.

The Nationals used several of their minor league players to take part in the scene, not wanting big media outlets like ESPN and Fox to appear after learning why Ryan Zimmerman wasn't on the team's road trip at the time.

As you can see behind the plate, the warning track wasn't quite flat yet which helped Maxwell hit an inside the park during the scene (he didn't read the script real well).

In all reality, I assume that the Nationals played a little intrasquad type game during the construction of Nationals Park.

The two things I like most about this card are the random pile of dirt along the wall that looks like a warning track in its beginning stages and the two construction workers to the right of Maxwell who are pointing their cameras towards the field.

The picture on the card itself is a bit grainy for Upper Deck's standards, but I am sure they saw the opportunity to make a unique card and ran with it.

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