Monday, May 26, 2008

Card of the Day: 2006 Bowman Chrome Autograph Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw has finally arrived in Los Angeles.

As the Dodgers best pitching prospect, fans knew it would only be a matter of time before he broke into the Majors. However, since he was pitching in Double-A last week, his surprise jump the Majors yesterday was even more well-received.

And he pitched well too.

Kershaw pitched a solid six innings (101 pitches) keeping the Dodgers ahead 3-2 when he was pulled.

He allowed those two runs on just five hits and one walk. He also struck out seven, including the three outs in the first.

Kershaw is only 20 so this good outing should be taken with a grain of salt in my mind. We all remember what happened to Johnny Ceuto earlier this year. I'm not saying that Kershaw will implode, but a lot of young players who are rushed to the top tend to struggle.

Basically, Kershaw's cards will be riding a hot streak right now, but I think later on when he gets sent back down will be the best time to buy his cards. If he struggles next season, you may also want to take a gamble on his stuff in hopes he turns it around in 2010.

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