Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Million Dollar Card

Earlier this week, I featured a card on eBay that has a Buy-It-Now of $1,000,000 ($1 million). The card ultimately sold to a best offer of just $1,000.

Today, I have found another million dollar card on eBay which has just a little bit less magnitude...and by a little, I mean a lot.

A 1988 Topps All-Star subset card of Andre Dawson complete with creases is being offered for $1 million BIN or $0.01 + $0.99 shipping through regular bidding.

It's confusing to figure out why this card is so special that it needs to be featured for $1 million BIN especially since the seller's (2003jah) other baseball card listing is a 1988 Topps Pete Rose card with creases for $0.01 + $0.99 shipping and no BIN price.

If you have any ideas (or theories) feel free to share.

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