Friday, May 9, 2008

Small Town Collector Discovers 2008 Topps Short Print

A collector from New London, Ohio has discovered the newest Photoshop job from Topps in what is believed to be another Kazuo Uzuki publicity stunt.

The card of Andrew Harner was pulled from a digital pack of cards found by the author of Cardboard Mania, a blog on Google's Blogspot.

"The Andrew Harner card was supposed to pulled from the digital version of 2008 Topps," Topps owner Michael Eisner said. "Apparently we made a mistake and the Ohio collector who discovered this card has a one-of-a-kind collectible."

It is not known how many of this card exist, but Harner thinks he may have found a 1/1. However, there is no plans to sell this on eBay as it will become part of his personal collection.

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