Monday, May 5, 2008

BGS 1 Wagner Nets Over $300,000

In a Robert Edward Auction this weekend, a BGS 1 1909 T206 Honus Wagner sold for $317,250 which is the highest price paid for a low-grade baseball card. A Grade 2 sold for $295,337 in December of 2006.

"Last year a Grade 8 Wagner sold for $2.8 million – that's more than the salary of any player on this year's Florida Marlins. The fact that a card on the low side of the grading spectrum still earned over a quarter of a million dollars is remarkable. The card continues to grow in value, no matter what. The Wagner card is a true piece of Americana that seems completely impervious to economic whims." ~ Beckett Media President Peter Gudmundsson.

This card came from the December 2007 "Beckett T206 Find" that included 545 T206 cards found in a non-collectors attic.

A lot of 520 of those cards were also featured in the same auction and netted $160,000 according the their website.

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