Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laugh of the Day: 1987 Topps Rick Burleson

Rick Burleson's Little League coach should be fired.

I'm sure at first glance there was nothing funny about this card but take a closer look at how he is holding that bat.

I don't know about you, but I think that is a little dangerous. Had that pitch been inside, Burleson might be down a few fingers or his entire hand for a few months.

Sadly, the 1997 the Lancaster JetHawks minor league team was taught bunting by Burleson, their manager at the time.

In an article written in 1997 by an Antelope Valley Press writer, this is how a typical Spring Training workout went for the offense on Burleson's squad.

"During batting practice, while one-third of the position players are hitting, one-third are working on their baserunning (sic). The other third is either fielding ground balls or working on bunting."

Hopefully these young professionals remembered what their childhood coaches said and pointed out to Burleson that they like their fingers the way they are.

Remember kids, no matter what you might see on some baseball cards, always keep your hand behind the bat so you don't break your fingers.

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Anonymous said...

He must not have done too bad since they made it the playoffs for the first time ever that year.