Sunday, May 11, 2008

Laugh of the Day: 1986 Fleer Mickey Hatcher

It's sad that today's sports card don't have many funny or unique photos. Back in the days (1980s and 1990s) almost every set would have at least a card or two that would send a chuckle through anyone. Sadly, these cards are only appreciated by a small clan of collectors nowadays.

I plan on revisiting some of these cards at least every couple of days in hopes of revitalizing some of the funny bones in collectors.

Today's feature is the 1986 Fleer Mickey Hatcher card where he is wearing a super-huge glove.

I don't know why Hatcher thought he needed such a glove. In 1985 (presumably the year this photo was taken), Hatcher only committed three errors in the 101 games he played in the field.

Of course one of those errors did come at first, so maybe he thought he needed the glove for his next game there.

In reality, Hatcher needed this glove in 1987 when he committed nine errors in 49 games at third base for the Dodgers.

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