Saturday, May 31, 2008

Card Collectors Do Some Dumb Things

Is hoping Upper Deck will redeem your redemption card a stupid thing collectors do?

Have you ever thought about some of the stupid things we do as card collectors? I was recently thinking about after reviewing an article for Sports Card Forum and decided to make a list of the dumbest things collectors do:

-Spend entire weekends organizing our collections
-Pay 10 times or more book value for the last common we need for a set
-Pay more for an autographed card numbered to 10 than one numbered to 500 even though we're getting the same autograph
-Take $100+ risks on boxes on a regular basis
-Get into ridiculous bidding wars with strangers when there is less than a minute left on auctions on eBay
-Memorize cards we need for that vintage set, but forget when our anniversary is
-Drive hours sometimes to go a mall show when gas is $4 a gallon
-Scour the flea market for hours in hopes of finding a good deal when they usually aren't any to be found
-Invest heavily into unproven players
-Try to explain collections or purchases to non-collectors
-Leave thousands of unsorted cards sitting in stacks rather than putting them in a box and then complain when we accidently knock them over later
-Watch cards on eBay that we know we never win or bid on
-Send in Upper Deck redemption cards
-Buy several copies of our favorie player's cards when we really only need one (I'm guilty here)
-Get more of a rush from opening a box of cards than whatever gives normal people rushes

I'm sure there are several more than could be included on this list. Have any? Leave a comment.


dayf said...

Happily spend $70 on a box but refuse to spend $75 on a '53 Bob Feller in the case because you might find a 'deal' on eBay.

Buy a blaster of cards you don't really like because you don't have any of those cards, there's nothing else interesting on the shelf and you really want to rip something.

Pay $4.00 shipping on a card you won for one cent.

Bid on 9 other penny cards from the same dealer because that way you can save on shipping.

Andrew Harner said...

Also very true.