Thursday, May 22, 2008

Laugh of the Day: 1992 Triple Play Milt Cuyler

Milt Cuyler was not an offensive force during the 1991 season when this Triple Play photo was captured.

With just three home runs and .257 batting average his rookie season, it's no wonder that Cuyler tried to keep his defense sharp to stay in the line-up.

However, as a rookie, he forgot that you only try to catch the balls your opponents hit rather than ones you hit yourself.

As you can see, Cuyler is tracking down a pop foul ball he hit and appears to be tossing his bat aside to catch the ball with his left hand in order to not injure his throwing hand.

Sadly for Cuyler, as you can see by the fan in the white cap to his right, he isn't even looking the right way.

The Chicago White Sox bench and catcher Carlton Fisk sat and watched as Cuyler proceded to realize his mistake and ran in circles behind home plate trying to catch up to the ball.

It dropped, and Cuyler then struck out the very next pitch.

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