Monday, August 4, 2008

Manufacturers now scrambling for Brett Favre

Manufacturers will now be in a rush to include Brett Favre in their late season products. Considering Topps advertised the base Topps card as Brett Favre's last regular set Topps card, they certainly don't have plans to include him in late year products.

Now it all changes as Favre has been placed back on the Packers roster following the NFL's reinstatement of Favre this afternoon. With several weeks of commentary, harsh words, trade rumors and much more news surrounding Favre, companies probably began plans for Favre cards once word of Favre's desire to return surfaced.

What those plans exactly would entail is hard to say as Favre has been mentioned in several different options: return to the Packers, outright release, trade to the Jets, trade the Buccaneers, trade to the Vikings, trade to the Bears or payment to stay retired. Did Upper Deck plan to produce Favre cards similar to the Ex-Rod cards of Alex Rodriguez last year? Has Topps thought up more gimmickry involving Favre? Perhaps Donruss/Playoff is just planing to stand pat until Favre is for sure set on someone's roster? Press Pass knew what it was doing and just included him in the Legends set. Of course, that is the only set they produce that could have a Favre card that would fit in.

With only two options likely left, Favre remaining on Green Bay or being traded to Minnesota, companies have it easier when making plans for upcoming releases, but producing the cards will still be a challenge in order to meet release dates. Anyone sensing some short printed Favre cards in the near future?


dayf said...

I picked a good year to give up on Football cards...

Andrew Harner said...

Well, unlike you, I picked a bad time to start moving into the football market. Assuming nothing ridiculous happens with Favre cards, I'll be alright though. Besides, I deal mostly in rookies.