Thursday, August 14, 2008

Topps' next big blunder

While I don't mind seeing an update set for 2008 Topps Heritage, I do mind some of the reasons this set exists and some of the things you can expect to find in your box.

It appears Topps is phasing out both Bowman Heritage and Topps 52, two brands that many collectors enjoyed, in one fell swoop with Topps Heritage High Numbers. However, as much as collectors liked Bowman Heritage and Topps 52, they like Topps Heritage twice as much in most cases so it likely is a smart move for Topps to produce a second series.

The problem is that the 220 card set (501-720) won't be the easiest set to build from a box. Why? There are two reasons:

1. 35 short prints
2. Two Topps Update and Highlights cards per pack

Of course the official set name is Topps Update and Highlights presents 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers so it somewhat makes sense that U&H cards are included. It's like a backwards Bowman and Bowman Chrome though. Bowman is the base brand that puts out Bowman Chrome so they include two Bowman Chrome cards in every pack of Bowman. So what this should be is two Heritage high numbered cards in every pack of regular Update and Highlights much like what used to be done with Topps Update Chrome.

Now, what is the gimmick going to be? An Evan Longoria perhaps?


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Topps 52 the last two years, and don't mind terribly that it was phased out in favor of Heritage II. What I do mind is essentially being forced to buy two hobby boxes in order to complete the set.

I don't want U & H. If I wanted U & H, I'd buy a box of U & H. By having every pack have only six Heritage II cards, the most I'll pull out of a box is 144, well short of the complete set. And then I'll end up with 48 (or 96, from two boxes) cards I don't want.

And then there's the SPs. I seriously can't stand SPs. I like the format they used for 07 Topps '52, with only about 20 SPs or so. 35 is actually not a bad number, given the 50 or so in Heritage I and A & G.

Heritage II would be a great idea if they'd limit the SPs like they did with 07 Topps 52 and didn't force U & H on me.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the Topps Heritage High Numbers set because I love Heritage, but it does suck that they're sticking U&H cards in the packs.

To freeandylaroche - here's a better idea. Buy one hobby box, and buy the rest of the cards that you need to complete your set from Sportlots for 10 - 20 cents each. That'll be a lot cheaper and less frustrating than a second hobby box.