Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another highly graded quarterback RC

Yesterday, it was Joe Montana, (now up to almost $45,000 by the way) and today, it is his replacement, Steve Young.

A BGS 9.5 1986 Topps Steve Young rookie has hit eBay with a modest Buy-It-Now of $3,000.

With this isn't nearly as impressive as the Montana from yesterday, there are just four BGS 9.5 of these Young rookies. This one grades out with 10 centering, 9.5 corners, 9.5 surface and 9.5 edges.

So if you like highly graded Hall of Fame quarterbacks rookie card, but don't have 50 grand, this may be the option you will want to go with.

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gabby said...

Hi my is tony, I have this card the back side of this card saids 302 Greg Coleman on half the other half is about steve. can you tell me something about this card?