Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's nice that smeone else understands

Wow, I wish I would've jumped on this when it first came out four days ago, but that's what working for a real newspaper will do to you. In fact, the night of August 27th I was in the newsroom for almost 8 hours after my classes.

Anywho, I am happy to see that Topps had said something about the Kosuke Fukudome Bowman Chrome card that actually shows that I am right win my assumption this is gimmick.

Here is what Topps said about the card:

Topps announces it inadvertently inserted a Bowman Chrome Kosuke Fukudome Autographed Rookie Card (which is not autographed) into packs of the recently-released 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball. A total of 1900 copies were issued. Fukudome is not a subject on the Autographed Rookie Card checklist nor was he ever solicited as one.

So if he was never supposed to be in the set, then Topps must have created this card for something. And given their recent reputation combined with the fact Fukudome was never supposed to sign equals gimmick cards used to drive sales.

So for those boneheads out there who criticized me for calling this a gimmick, I think you may want to think a little more before you type next time.

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