Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Topps loves free publicity...yet another gimmick

Not only does Topps enjoy free publicity, they also enjoy gimmicking up Kosuke Fukudome's cards.

This time around, it is the Bowman Chrome phantom autograph Kosuke Fukudome. You can see in the pictures above that the front of the card has a sticker and the "Topps Autograph Issue" above Fukudome's knee on the front, and it has the wording "Not Valid Without Sticker" on the back to the right of his stat box.

There are currently four of these cards on eBay ranging in Buy-It-Now prices of $300 and two at $399.99.

It is hard to say how many of these surfaced, but I'm guessing as soon as more word gets out about this card, that the BIN prices will suddenly go up from $300-$400. I don't know why you would pay that for this card considering they forgot to put the autograph on it.

You can just add it to the pile of garbage Topps has produced in the last couple of years and call it done as far as I am concerned. While it isn't a gimmick, they also produced this lovely reminder of another card many collectors complained about earlier this year. Look familiar?

Can't you just wait for Topps Heritage High Numbers and Topps Update and Highlights to see why Topps comes up with next? I hope you are, because I'm not.


dayf said...

You see, therein lies the problem. When Topps screws up once, we figure it's an honest mistake and give them a pass. The first time they threw in a gimmick insert card, we shrugged and ignored it. Now that they are doing it IN EVERY FREAKING SET, it's just tedious. If it weren't for A&G I'd be pulling a Chris Harris right now and boycotting the fools.

Anonymous said...

They are all in Taiwan again!! I really don't think it's Topps doing this.

Anyone remember the 200 Rip Cards per case?

Funny that it always seems to happen in the same place.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's ironic that you're bemoaning Topps angling for publicity, yet here you are, publicizing what they're doing?

Andrew Harner said...

It is ironic, but it's the nature of the beast. Chris Harris has featured this even though he is boycotting Topps.