Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks Autographed Memorabilia

The first thing I do every single morning if check my Yahoo! e-mail and my college e-mail, which is hooked up to this blog. This morning a message arrived that I thought was the beginning of the spam that would be hitting that inbox. However, it turned out to be a legitimate e-mail from a new website called Autographed Memorabilia, the Internet's Premier Sports Memorabilia and Sports Card Directory.

Despite the name, the site is dedicated to far more than autographed sports memorabilia. The site provides links to all sorts of sites including blogs like mine, online sports cards retailers and memorabilia retailers for both sports and non-sports.

Once this site becomes more well-known, it could easily become the number one place for hobbyist to find and share information with each other. I have already found a couple interesting websites from the limited links they have now so just imagine how much you can find when they have hundreds of sports card links up there.

I strongly suggest that anyone with a sports card related site that isn't listed there submits it to them as soon as you can to help make them a great resource for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is getting weird. I have been getting emails from them for months. I just posted on it today. I might take it down now.

James said...

I just read about this on SCU. I'm starting to feel left out! :)

This site looks a lot like "2 Clicks Sports Memoriabilia" - I had a link to them a couple of months ago:

Andrew Harner said...

Gellman, what would make you take the post down?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. You did a great job identifying what I'm after here - to create a sincerely helpful and useful resource for Sports Card and Sports Memorabilia Collectors. This hobby of ours has some great folks, and there is a sense of community and camaraderie unlike any other. You guys (harner, gellman, Wax Heaven, PackaDay, and the other bloggers) are instrumental in making this hobby more dynamic, enjoyable, and community oriented. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding my directory, please let me know. Keep up the great blogging.