Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poll Archives: Which baseball program is better?

It appears collectors are pretty split about which rookie redemption program is the best with all three getting a decent percentage of vote totals.

In the end, Topps Red Hot Rookies and the SPx Rookie Signatures both garnered the most votes. But, the Finest Rookie Redemptions weren't far behind.

The Topps Red Hot Rookies are popular because it is a common set to get and it features a wide variety of players. The wonder of who the high numbered redemption cards are is also a big factor.

As for the SPx Signature's popularity, it comes from being the only exclusive autograph set of the three. While both the Finest and Topps have had a Jay Bruce autograph, that has proven to be a misstep.

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Anonymous said...

Topps Red Hot Rookies re cheaper to pull.