Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes looking weak

Upper Deck has produced yet another parallel laden set in Upper Deck Baseball Heroes. With 10 different colors ranging from traditional red to obscure colors like sea green and charcoal, Baseball Heroes is the next set in Upper Deck's line of confusing sets.

Outside of the parallels, the set is an excellent extension of the early 1990s insert set that featured legends of the game like Reggie Jackson and Johnny Bench. Today, the set has 175 single players, 10 dual heroes, 10 triple heroes and five quad heroes which mix and match current stars with each other or legends and current stars.

Upper Deck again makes player and team collecting harder than it needs to be by producing all of these random parallels. I'm completely alright with having one or two different colors to chase, but does anyone really want to have to find 11 cards of their favorite player? Just think about those player's that appear on more than of the dual, triple and quad heroes cards. How does that player collector feel right about now?

But collectors can also expect to find four hits in every eight card, 24 pack box with three relics and an autograph falling on average. However, with a $100 price tag, the secondary value of these hits make buying a box of Baseball Heroes a risky proposition.

Right now, there are only a handful of hits selling on eBay selling for over $20. A Roger Clemens autographed relic /10 has been bid up to $51 with one day remaining, a Josh Hamilton autograph /25 has been bid up to $32 with one day left, a Matt Kemp autograph /5 is at $26 with just over a day left and a Chin-Lung Hu autograph /50 also sits at $26 with just over a day left. Regular relics and autographs are getting between $2-$10 so unless you hit nicely, you aren't bound to strike it rich off your hits.

So when you combine the ridiculous parallels with the secondary value a box will most likely yield, I have to say stay away from Baseball Heroes.

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