Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Ginter Code cracked and explained

Of all places that a collector could announce that he cracked the Ginter Code, I never would have guessed it would've been done on Trading Card Central, the forum where I got my online trading start. You'd think he would go straight to Beckett, Tuff Stuff, Sports Card Forum or The Bench Trading. Shoot, even Wax Heaven would have been a spot I would think it may show up first.

Alas, yesterday morning collector sportsfan4177 joined TCC, and by afternoon, he had explained his method to cracking the code.

Don't you hate how once someone explains something to you it seems like you should have noticed it yourself?

Here is the answer: "SEND 6 TEAM ORANGE MINIS, ALL 6 MEN WITH MUSTACHES." What this means is that the winning collector had to send the six Team Orange mini cards of the player's with mustaches.


dayf said...

So in order to get your face on a Topps card you had to manage to acquire 6 otherwise meaningless insert cards that drop at two per case.


Maybe the prices of the things will drop now that they are useless. I wouldn't mind a Minty Beans card.

Anonymous said...

My wife had told me that the code was going to be the equivalent of Ralphie decoding the "Little Orphan Annie" message in the Christmas Story, I suppose today I must go home and tell her she was right.

Drink your ovaltine and then send in your Team Orange minis.