Monday, August 11, 2008

Poll Archives: Is admission to the National Card Show worth $18?

It looks like readers think that $18 is too much to spend for admission to the biggest card show on the planet.

Each year, thousands of collectors flock the National Sports Card Collectors Convention and drop $18 for one-day admission or up to hundreds for a VIP package. However, with the rising cost of almost everything, collectors now have to rethink that price.

I was unable to attend the show in Chicago this year, but I do know that the $18 charge was a good enough for the Cleveland show of 2007. If the show comes back to Cleveland in 2009, I plan to be there.

I think the biggest problem comes in when collectors from out of state spend money on a plane ticket, rental car and hotel or all the gas and a hotel, it is more of an annoyance to pay $18 at the door to a card show.

I would love to hear from some of the people who participated in this poll. Why did you choose yes or why did you choose no?

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dayf said...

I've never been to the National and the only way I could get there is by hopping in a car or on a plane and dropping a couple hundred on gas, tickets and a hotel. If I'm willing to spend that much just to get there, $18 is nothing. Plus from the photos I saw over at Blue Heaven, the place is like a giant museum anyway. I'd pay that just to be able to gawk at all that cool old stuff. I'd probably spring for the VIP ticket actually, just to get all the swag.