Friday, August 15, 2008

The other series two from Topps

I don't mean the base Topps series two that came out however long ago, I'm talking about the Bowman Chrome releasing today which might as well be Bowman Chrome and Prospect Series Two if you think about it.

With 190 cards of veterans and 30 rookies, they are the first Chrome cards to be designed like the regular Bowman cards, but we all remember pulling some prospect Chrome cards from our regular packs of Bowman too. The prospects featured in the Bowman Chrome boxes are numbered BCP131-BCP240 with BCP1-BCP130 coming out in regular Bowman packs, meaning this is basically a second series of prospects intertwined with the regular Chrome cards.

Every box of Bowman Chrome will include two prospects per pack and one prospect autograph per box. There are also the same levels of parallels (six per box) you've come to expect to find Chrome - Refractor /500, Xfractor /250, Blue Refractor /100, Gold Refractor /50, Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5 and Superfractor /1 - creating another set that causes player and team collectors to have a migraine.

There is one new set included in Bowman Chrome, Head of the Class dual autographs. In this set, a former first round pick is matched up with a current MLB star. These come in Refarctor /99, Gold /50 and Superfractor /1 parallels and also feature those bright silver refractive stickers Topps is fond of using.

According to Topps' checklist, there are only three autographs in the set:

HOC-FL Prince Fielder/Matt LaPorta
HOC-LP Evan Longoria/David Price
HOC-CH Joba Chamberlain/Phil Hughes

I would've liked to have seen more autographs in this set as it is a unique concept that will now cost a fortune since there are only three cards available. It would also separate 2008 Bowman Chrome from the last few years which have been the same as this year's. Bowman Chrome seems to slowly be becoming a very cut and dry product with no new glitz and glamor, making it a very boring product in my eyes.

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Anonymous said...

There are only three "Head of the Class" autographs but there are a ton more autographed cards in the set that are single auto's...