Friday, August 1, 2008

Trade Deadline helps fill Topps U&H

This and all Ramirez cards will start popping up more in LA

With yesterday's trading deadline come and gone for Major League Baseball, it won't be long before we stop hearing the same analysis over and over on ESPN or until Topps fills in some of the TBA veterans in the Update & Highlights set.

Most of the players traded also are getting a boost in eBay listings. While the cards themselves aren't selling for very much more, players have seen a distinct move up in listings. For example, Manny Ramirez gained about 200 extra listings than normal because of his trade to the Dodgers. An eBay search for Ken Griffey White Sox produced 44 listings and Ivan Rodriguez Yankees produced 87 results.

With several teams facing needs to secure a postseason spot, this year's deadline was far more exciting than any in recent memory. It all started with a Cy Young winner and ended with three future Hall of Famers changing threads. Let's do a quick recap and see who will wearing a new uniform for Topps Update & Highlights.

C.C. Sabathia - Brewers
Rich Harden - Cubs
Chad Gaudin - Cubs
Sean Gallagher - Athletics
Matt Murton - Athletics
Joe Blanton - Phillies
Ray Durham - Brewers
Jon Rauch - Diamondbacks
Xavier Nady - Yankees
Damaso Marte - Yankees
Ross Ohlendorf - Pirates
Casey Blake - Dodgers
Mark Teixeria - Angels
Casey Kotchman - Braves
Ivan Rodriguez - Yankees
Kyle Farnsworth - Tigers
Arthur Rhodes - Marlins
Ken Griffey Jr. - White Sox
LaTroy Hawkins - Astros
Manny Ramirez - Dodgers
Jason Bay - Red Sox
Brandon Moss - Pirates

That is a hefty list of names to fill up many of the TBA spots for the set. Other prospects who will get called up late in the year as well as players like Freddy Garcia, who is a free agent planing to sign on with someone else, will also be included. Additionally, there will be other minor trades made before the waiver trade deadline in August.

For more information about Topps Update & Highlights, click here.

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