Friday, February 8, 2008

Card of the Day: 2008 Upper Deck Presidential Predictor Hillary Clinton

And the political controversies continue. First it was Topps with Rudy Giulani and the Red Sox. Now, it is Hillary Clinton in a spoof of Bill's scandel.

While the card indeed makes me laugh, one has to wonder what Upper Deck's intention was here. Especially considering they had to pull this card manually after realizing the cartoon may be controversial or offensive.

Uh, duh.

Meanwhile, some collectors are picking up a cool amount of cash off of this issue. The top eBay auction at this time is at $1,125.


Anonymous said...

Where could I get one of those? And not have to pay so much money?

Andrew Harner said...

Basically, that won't happen. They are so rare that they probably will never sell for under $500.