Thursday, February 14, 2008

Upper Deck Opens First Retail Store

Finally some good card news to blog about.

Tomorrow, Upper Deck will open up its first retail store in the Tella Berra Shopping Center in Huntington Beach, CA.

The retail idea was first brought last year and the southern California store was anounced as the first location, but now it is a reality.

However, shop owners in the area are concerned that the UD store will cut into their profits. Upper Deck has said that it will work with these stores to help both parties stay in business.

UD will also use this store to promote new items to a local audience before going nationwide with ideas in addition to selling their sports and entertainment products.

On Friday, Los Angeles Lakers star Luke Walton will sign autographs for an hour and Los Angeles Dodgers great Steve Garvey will make an appearance on Saturday.

How will this store affect UD's overall perception though? I assure you that if I posted this to a sports card forum, people would instantly say that UD should focus on fixing their redemption policies rather than open a new store.

My counter for that is that the people in charge of opening a new store probably have nothing to do with the people who are in charge of redemptions.

What's your take?

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