Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vegas Collector to Soon Break Guinness Record

Collecting baseball cards is more than a hobby and a soon-to-be world record for Las Vegas collector Paul Jones.

His more than 520,000 cards will soon be recognized by Guinness as the largest card collection in the world, but for a person with disability, cards can do much more then bring enjoyment.

Jones was born without his 16th gene which has caused him trouble in retaining information. His parents then got him started with baseball cards to teach him geography.

At 22, he has collected to record size in his parents house.

His collection was verified this past weekend and the official request for a world record has been sent to Guinness for processing.

It is so nice to see someone like this getting honored for something great. With normal publicity for the trading card industry coming from politcally based variations, it is nice to see a touching story involving cards.

For this 22-year-old to hold this record is far better than most anyone else, myself included, having it. With this kid competing against the likes of Barry Hapler, Mr. Mint, and other legendary sports collectors, how can you not want this guy to get the record?

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