Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Bench Trading Charity Drive Update

Here is the current list of members of The Bench that have donated cards to the charity drive the site is running:

Doc Dave--10 cards

dlackey--9 cards

jflan702--8 cards
PitofSteel--8 cards

hdjstuff--7 cards

maddogg--6 cards

uglyrad1--5 cards

alma1960--4 cards
David K.--4 cards
Slavlite--4 cards
Worldwideed--4 cards

murph3--3 cards

Braves95--2 cards
Cano22--2 cards
Hoyt55--2 cards
IRobo--2 Cards
kingsfaninri--2 cards
pac rat 76--2 cards
rolenalong--2 cards
YankeeBob63--2 cards

cardsfan06--1 card
Jack--1 Card
seawolf17--1 card

For information about the project please visit:

Official Wesbite

Cardboard Mania's Blog

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That donation list you posted is missing the top 75% of donators.