Monday, March 3, 2008

Not Beckett's Next Cover

As they explicitally stated on their blog, this is not Beckett's new cover. It will be in the magazine as a joke but not the front cover.

Now I don't know about you, but I think this cover is good stuff. I think it's funny and reflects several things collectors talk about. That being said I don't understand the following: why are people in an uproar about this?

Here are actually comments from users on the Beckett Blog:

are you kidding me? i really hope you’re joking about this cover. i want legit sports and sportscard news, not some wannabe clowns making up idiotic pointless spoofs that belong in MAD magazine. Tracey Hackler, you will lose many subscribers, including myself, if you put out this crap on the newsstands. here’s the next headline for your cover, “beckett goes bankrupt, card collectors celebrate”


Hmmmm…not very original, not particularly funny, slapped together at a moment’s notice. In a word: typical. When there’s places like Cardboard Junkie, A Pack a Day, The Baseball Card Blog, Stale Gum, my own site (Thorzul Will Rule), and countless others that you can read for free that have much better content and are written by people who care about the fun that cards are supposed to provide, I really don’t see any point in this magazine any more. “Comprehensive” was one of the last words that came to mind the last time in purchased a Beckett this summer.

New blood…that’s the answer.


Very lame. Why not move an ad to where this non-sense will be and have a column on UD’s alleged upgrading of their redemption process when in fact they haven’t changed?


Please people, take a step outside of the business side of things and enjoy something to do with collecting because it's fun for a change.

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