Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hobby Poems

Beckett is currently running a contest on thier blog asking readers to write a hobby poem. Here is my entry from the contest:

In a time long ago that I can not remember
Topps ran the market from New Year to December
With one set a year of 600 plus
Pulling an autographed relic wasn’t a must
There were fun cartoons and bubble gum
The thought of gloss and foil was simply dumb
After almost 30 years, Fleer and Donruss stepped in
With stickers and puzzles, expansion begins
The company that would change everything came in 1989
A hologram on card backs gave the hobby a shine

A Reggie Jackson auto
A Griffey Jr. jersey

Upper Deck changed the hobby landscape forever with their new sets
Other jumped on in hopes of the best
There was a time there was one set
There was a time there was almost 100
Nowadays, Topps and UD have simplified the market

With George Bush, Rudy Giuilani, and Hillary Clinton around
I say they’re fun, others would rather drown
Today, it’s certainly a different place
But I wouldn’t argue if we went back to a 1950s pace


I feel this is much better than some of the other entries that I have seen for the contest.


there was a young man named roger
a red sox, a yankee, now a dodger!
a dodger you see from questions that he
will never now or ever be free!!!!


beckett has stepped up the plate
to drop price bombs on yours
moms like cd roms
word to your mutha
we out peace…..


buying cards for a hundred a pack my wife thinks that im on crack hoping to pull the most sweetest card (at the same time) being called a stupid retard six cards down and one more to go i can honestly say expensive cards blow but ill buy them again to see what i get cause i havent pulled the sweetest card yet


There are some good ones in the mix, but I feel I have a good shot. There are three winners that will be annoucned tomorrow. I will post the winners regardless if I am one or not because I am a writer and appreciate this type of stuff.

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