Thursday, March 27, 2008

National Baseball Card Returns for 2008

For the past few of years, baseball card companies have tried teaming up for a National Baseball Card Day release, but they haven't been too successful.

In 1999, there was a set called National Trading Card day. In 2004, there was a National Trading Card Day release. However, licensing agreements were difficult to iron out, and the sets never gained much notoriety.

Topps and Upper Deck finally got a good set out in 2006 on National Baseball Card Day which fell the Saturday before Father's Day.

After a year off in 2007, the two companies will again merge for a set in 2008.

Saturday, participating Toys R Us stores, hobby shops, and ballparks will all be handing out promotional packs of the cards. Each pack will include five Upper Deck cards, five Topps cards, a Rookie insert from each company, and an information card.

The checklist includes the biggest names in baseball and six of the hottest rookies.

Topps Base Checklist:
Alex Rodriguez
David Ortiz
Ryan Howard
Vladimir Guerrero
David Wright

Topps Rookies Checklist:
Joey Votto
Clay Buchholz
Daric Barton

Upper Deck Base Checklist:
Prince Fielder
Albert Pujols
Derek Jeter
Ichiro Suzuki
Ken Griffey Jr.

Upper Deck Rookie Checklist:
Ian Kennedy
Chin Ling Hu
Luke Hochevar

National Baseball Card Day is a great day for new collections to start and for existing collections to get a taste of something new.

So go out and get yourself a couple of these packs Saturday and then try to complete your set on one of the trade sites listed in my blog roll.

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