Friday, March 21, 2008

Mom and Son Battle Over Collection

Boy if this ever happens to me and my mom, I would be kind of sad...

Somerville - A man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother during a dispute about money and baseball and hockey cards, according to police.

Michael K. Mahoney, 24, of 42 Upland Road, was charged with domestic assault and battery after police said he pushed her out of his room Friday night. According to reports, Mahoney’s mother, who was not identified, came home to find him asleep in his third-floor bedroom.

Mahoney’s mother told police her son owed her money, and had agreed to sell a collection of baseball and hockey cards to settle the debt.

Police said when his mother entered the bedroom to confront her son about the cards, which police said were missing, Mahoney allegedly became enraged and a struggle ensued between them. The woman told police she believed Mahoney might have bitten her in the breast area during the struggle, however police reported no evidence to support that claim.


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