Friday, August 21, 2009

Houston area collector gets sets back

Being a news reporter myself, this story bugs me to no end because all of the loose ends, but a collection of older baseball card sets have been returned to an Houston area collector.

The collector - Allan Richardson - said he spent many years compiling the sets and lost them all in some sort of con artist's scheme involving the printing of 1800s images on coins. The report said Richardson lost money, his cards and other things to the con man, but doesn't go into any further detail about the deal and how all the details worked out.

Eventually, the con man was found and authorities were searching his home and found the cards with some missing - appearing in the video to be 1974 and 1975 Topps as well as 1975 Topps Mini sets. However, the report never explains how Richardson was tracked down.

The report also calls the cards valuable - which many appear to not be. A common mistake among non-collectors, so the station does get a pass on that. I'm just glad no one quoted the Beckett prices.


--David said...

From the 1800's yet these are 75's? Something's not right...

Andrew Harner said...

No the figurines the con man was printing was from the 1800s