Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I thought was a good idea

It's not very often I am that guy on the trading forums who just changes the title of my thread daily just to get more people to look at it even though it includes the same tradelist as it did yesterday. But, I am always looking for new ways to promote my cards that I have for trade and sale. Recently, I decided to give YouTube a try.

I've posted three videos so far, gotten a lot of interest for the caliber of cards I have available but have made zero deals. And here are the reasons why.

1) Uncertainty

I agreed on one trade already. However, the guy had no references from anywhere so I am waiting for him to send. He told me he was sending Monday but now is sending this Monday. And he can't get it through his head I will send after I receive since I have 700 references.

Doing business on YouTube is risky. There is no feedback, no one to hear your dispute. It's all trusting your fellow man. Which I put trust in people, but I've also been burned so I do proceed with caution.

2) Book value

It seems to me that those who trade over YouTube are all in the 12-16 yard old range and love book value. Those so called "Joe Collectors." Now I have no problem going even book value - to a point. I don't like to get nickel and dimed. So what if my total is $0.25 more than yours? I don't. But apparently some people still do.

3) Lack of organization

Many people pointed me to their trade videos which were just a scattered, jumbled mess. Like this. Am I saying my videos are the greatest ever? Well, no I am certainly not, but at least you can get a good look at the card you may be getting.

So for now, I'm leaving my videos up since they've only been posted for a week or two, but if things don't start looking up, my days with YouTube trading will be done forever. Yeah, the forums tend to be streaky for me since I don't deal with high-end, but I would rather take a few deals here and there that are secure than waste my time dealing with someone over 20-some PMs and then not receive what I was getting anyway.

Anyone have good or bad YouTube trading stories?


The Mojo Hand said...

Have you ever tried

Its as simple as it gets, and a majority of the traders are easy to work with.


Andrew Harner said...

Yeah, I've seen it. YouTube isn't my main trading place. I'm all over Sports Card Forum and The Bench Trading.