Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome back

Hey all,

I've picked up an advertisement (left side) so I figured I should come back to blogging on a limited basis (I won't be posting nearly as much as I have in the few days of re-existence).

A lot has changed in my views since I left the blogsphere almost a year ago so the type of posts on Cardboard Mania will definitely be different than what you remember. I'll still be bringing you the goofy stuff like I used to, but no more defending Beckett.

I've very interested in seeing how the blogsphere has changed in the past year. I know when I started there were hardly any of us, but now, there's everyone and their brother (or father) running a blog. So I hope I haven't lost my touch and hope everyone welcomes me back with open arms. And most importantly, enjoy.

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