Saturday, August 15, 2009

The "Leinart's" Tale

Everybody loves Matt Leinart, right? And because we all love him, we will pay whatever it may take to get his signature, right? But would Matt Leinart's own grandmother even bid on this auction?

Just a hunch, but I'm going negative on that one.

Truth of it is though, there has been talk this preseason about Leinart losing the backup role in Arizona to Brian St. Pierre and for intents and purposes, his best days are behind him putting him in the ranks of Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Akili Smith and many more in the Draft Bust Hall of Shame.

There is a chance Leinart could leave the Cardinals though and turn things around. Sometimes certain environments just don't work out for certain players. Brandon Phillips filled out nicely when he left Cleveland for Cincinnati, Randy Moss found his old self when he went from Oakland to New England, etc., etc.

I'm not personally a Leinart fan (he's too party-hardy for me) but I always hate to see someone who showed so much potential go to complete waste because he is in a bad environment for his skill set. Where would he be good fit? Who knows? Cleveland and Detroit seem to perennially need quarterbacks. Or could he possibly land atop the depth chart in San Francisco?

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